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Liemau Wijnen

Family-owned business Lieve Wuyts, Kris and kids


Our Vintages


Sirius is a German white grape from a cross between Villard and Bacchus. This grape variety also has a high resistance to various diseases. The plant has relatively large bunches. The Sirius grape was our first planting in 1999.


Bacchus is a white German grape variety and originates from a cross between Sylvaner-Riesling and the Muller-Thurgau. The grape is known for its high productivity and early ripening which is ideal in cooler climates. In 2014 we planted the Bacchus as an additional white grape on the wine estate.


Johanniter is a white grape variety grown in the 60's as a mould resistant variety. It is a result of crosses between Riesling, Seyve-villard, Ruländer, and Gutedel. Harvest time is a little earlier in the year.

The grape is fairly resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew and is also frost-resistant. The Johanniter is our latest addition to the range of white grapes.


Regent originated in Germany as a cross between Diana (Sylvaner x Müller-Thurgau) and Chambourcin whose origin is unclear. It is also a grape with high resistance to fungal diseases such as mildew. The variety produces small to medium-sized blueberries on small to medium-sized, slightly compact bunches. Its leaves turn a beautiful red in the autumn.


Léon Millot is a red grape and originated in Colmar, France from the grafting of Goldriesling on the Millardet et de Grasset 101-14 rootstock.  Léon Millot has a higher resistance to powdery mildew and to Botrytis.  The bunches are relatively small and compact.

We have chosen resistant grapes in order to spray as little as possible. These varieties are known to grow well in our temperate Belgian climate.


Our Wines


Sparkling wine Brut nature is made from the Sirius grape and according to the method tradionelle.


Sparkling wine rosé is a fresh and fruity aperitif made according to the traditional method.


Sirius is a soft but fruity white wine. The wine has hints of apricot, apple, lime and peach ideal as an aperitif or at a barbecue.


Bacchus is a floral white wine with low acidity. You recognize the notes of elderflower, lemon, apricot and apple.


Johanniter is a mineral wine with firm acidity with hints of melon, lime, pear and spices.


Rose is made of Regent and tastes delicious as an aperitif or with a barbecue.


Leon Millot is a deep red wine with hints of cherry, blueberry, chocolate and blackberry.


Regent is a dark red wine with aromas of forest fruits. You will find hints of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.


Pinot Gris Sur Lie, because the wine is not filtered, the wine has matured in the presence of the yeast. This makes the Pinot Gris extra full-bodied.

Come and visit our winery and after a guided tour you can taste the wines in our tasting house among the vines.